My Journey to CAMBODIA
IT IS WHERE I AM....!!!!
Trip to- - - - - - - - - - - - -Seam reap, Cambodia
It was a good time during my holiday 23-25, Oct,2009, I had a chance to go aboard again, Cambodia which is very close to my country. The most famous place where I want to visit in Cambodia is Angkor wat which is 1 in 7 wonders of the word and it is in Seam reap province and it is not so far from the border, taking about 1 and half hrs.

Taking journey to Cambodia had been in my dream for long time. I like the ancient and holy buildings all around the world not only Angkor. I would take chance to visit everywhere if I could....

At the border, Poipet
It is a big place where we can cross the border and we can shop at the same time because there is a very big market there, it is called Ronggluea markget or Poipet market. This place is always crowded of people both going to Cambodia and shopping. The most of the sellers there are Cambodian who cross to run their business in this market and they have to cross back before the border is clossed.

I and my friends took a travel agency, we didn't want to go by ourself because we thought that it would be easier and we didn't need to prepare anything. We selected Ocean smile tour, they were very nice and they managed everything very well but it was a bit slow.

We had to walk through the border to get to the check-point in the building ahead, there were a lot of people waiting for the queues. Lukily we were the group tour we could go in one group , no need to wait too long.

When we crossed the border, one thing we could see and identicate that we have reached Cambodia is the big and high gate decorated with the Khmer style like Ankor wat including to the big Casino building along 2 sides of the road, We felt so exiting with a new thing.

We had to change the bus at the border, we couldn't drive the bus from Thailand to Cambodia at all. This the belongings must be carried out and transfered to another bus in Cambodia side. The tour will have to hire the carries, they have a local cart which is very old and seem not so strong but we have to use it because there is only one type of carrier we can find there. It looked so amazing.....!!!!

Head to Seam reap

The bus started moving ahead with a Khmer tour guide explaining a long the way to Searm reap. He was a very nice person and he can speak Thai very well but I felt a bit confused with his accent ......his name is Udom, he introduced his whole history to us, it was amazing history that I have ever heard, He was born in the War time in his country, it was such a complicated life at that time but he tried his best to save his life till he has his good life at the moment. From this point, I feel that I love Thailand more than before, we don't have war in our country and we have been living in peace till today.

The way to Seam reap was good but it was a bit small, but it is ok. A long the high way, only thing we can see was rice fields and the local small houses. One thing I noticed was that the land was very flat and it must be very good for planting but it would be bad when raining too much because the water can be kept there all the time.

The people do the agriculture and fishing to live their life. It was the pictures of Thailand about 10 years ago.

Banteaysreay temple
It was a very small wat made of pink sandstones, we took just half and hour to finish but it was very buitiful, the body of the tower was quite complete and we could see the scruptures clearly

Praeruup temple

This is a Plaeruup temple, it was for King's funeral ceremony. It is very big and high, the highest one is in the middle and surrounded by the shorter one but they are still big. We had to climb up and it was not easy to get to the top at all. I could feel when it had done at the first time , it would be very beautiful and amazing.


Taprom temple

One more temple, we walked along the small path through the jungles to the spot from the west. It lookes like we were trekking in the jungles, I liked that. Finally we reached the scene. The first picture we saw, we thought that this Wat must have been very samll and not so beautiful because we didn't know we got in at the back of the castle.

Immedialty when we entered inside it, I cried out and and could say anything, it was hard to explain, it was so incredible and amazing, the more we got in the more we found so many beautiful towers. How could those ancient people do such a completely big and beautiful and neat thing. The big trees are trying to put their roots into the crack of the big stones. Its roots were so big, most of the guess likes to take the photos here.

Angkor wat
Finally we have reached where we had been waiting is Angkor wat which is one of the 7 wonders of the world. I felt so exited and my dream has come true now....

It was very huge architecture made by human and they are human in the past, how could they did this kind of amazing thing. The purpose of buiding this holy thing was for god only, they could build it incredibly

Seeing from the front of the scene, it was a bit amaizing but when we got in side it was more amazing it seemed that the way to the main tower was never end and it became big and biggner and beautiful and more is very hard to describe..

I loved to see the carving of Apsara on the wall the most, it was such a wonderful thing I have ever seen. I wonder how they could create many different types of hair style of Apsara. It looked that many hair styles in the present time looks the same as many hair styles of the Apsara on the wall of Angkor wat. I assumed that someone may duplicate some of them from here...

Unluckily, we didn't have much time to stay there, what a pity !!! I want so much to spend time there much more to absorb what I had been dreamt of for long time....I am sure that I will take flight to here particularly to melt myself with it one more time...

Bayon temple
Bayon is known for its huge stone faces of the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, with one facing outward and keeping watch at each compass point. The curious smiling image, thought by many to be a portrait of Jayavarman himself. There are 54 towers surrounding Bayon, each with four faces of its own.

Unluckily, we didn't have time much otherwise we could spend more time to absorb the great architectures.


Panom bakeng temple
It was one more temple but it is on a small mountain, we had to climb up from the bottom of the hill. We had a great time seeing the sunset on it. At this time there were a lot of people sitting round to wait for the sunset, climbing up and going down were not easy, we had to be careful other there would be accident.

It is a big fresh water reservoir and biggest in south east Asia. I believe that... it was amazing, there was a lot of people staying in this place, they live in the boat...oh wow how could they live there life there on the water like would be so difficult to go and contact with the outside world..

Night market    
Here is the night market, small market there is a lot of products people can shop here at night time. Most of the products are clothes and handmade. It is not much different from product from Thailand. The price of the items here was quite expensive, double price of the same Thai products. I just thought because they buy from somewhere and bring them to sell here, they didn't produce by themself....that is why the price is double.

One thing was more incredible was that most of the sellers could speak Thai and speak English very well......I want and hope Thai to be like this.....and we didn't need to worry about money exchange because they accepted Thai baht.....and one thing that sounded funny was that they had Fish the photos below

Old markget  ҴҨ (Psar chaa)
      It is the market where we can buy soviniors when we going back home. The products are not must different from Thailand but some items are more expensive than from Thailand but we can ask them a discount as well.......

Restaurant & Hotel     
  I like this trip very much. before this I thought that taking travel agency might be so expensive and slow but I was wrong. I just found out that taking travel agency was quite comfortable. We don't need to find the hotel ourself, we don't need to worry where to eat and where to go..everything is scheduled before we hit the street..Having a great time with Apsara happy